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"Guilin has the best scenery under heaven and Yangshuo has the best of all!"

That is how one of the poets described his experiences in Yangshuo. He could not praise the beautiful landscape highly enough. The beautiful karsts make it a traveler's dream so don't be surprised if you never want to leave!

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Gaotian - The Big Banyan Tree, Moon Hill and JianShan Temple ; Yangti ; Xing Ping - Lotus Flowers Cave and Comorants Fishing ; Stone City Village ; Fuli ; Puyi ; The Meeting Dragon River


The Big Banyan Tree

Moon Hill

JianShan Temple


Gaotian 高田: The Big Banyan Tree 古榕 - Moon Hill 月亮山 - JianShan Temple 鉴山寺

The area of Goation is also called "the 10km Paintings Gallery". You can ride a bicycle or hike along the country road or follow a small path through the villages. The green hills and clear water make stunning landscapes. From here you can hike up Moon Hill or visit the Big Banyan Tree. Around Goation there are many scenic spots to see and the best way to see them all is to take your time and enjoy this beautiful area at your leisure. Back to Top

The Big Banyan Tree 古榕

Also called the "Tree of Love" the Big Banyan tree is only 7km from Yangshuo town on the country road to Lipu county. It is 17km high, covers an area more than 1000 square meters and is reputed to be more than 1,300 years old. Still growing strong, the local people call it "the spirit of the trees". In ancient times people regarded this tree as a source of great curative powers. It served the poor people that had no money to pay for a doctor in times of sickness. The old custom was to write a wish on a small piece of red paper and stick it to the tree, then the illness would go away. Make a heartfelt wish under the tree and it just might make your dreams come true! Back to Top

Moon Hill 月亮山

About 1km away from the Big Banyan Tree, Moon Hill is a hikers dream. The large hole in the middle resembles a full moon hanging in the sky. You can also find a lot of mysterious stalactites and stalagmites with different shapes (i.e. a beautiful woman "Chane", a strong handsome boy "WuGang", and a rabbit from the fairy stories). Moon Hill is said to be a creation of the immortals. The natural masterpiece can be viewed from nearby villages where you can see the moon shape changing as you walk along a village road. Back to Top

JianShan Temple 鉴山寺

In the area of the Moon Hill scenery, the JianShan Temple is considered to be a most peaceful and clean place. It is the biggest and oldest temple in Guangxi province. With Tan-style construction there are many Buddha found inside the temple. It is heard that the famous great monk, Jianzhen, made speeches about Buddhism on his way to Japan. Buddhists always go here to pray and burn incense. It is said that visitors will feel peace in their hearts during their visit. Back to Top


48km from Yangshuo, this scenic area is considered the best of all the beautiful scenes along the Li River. Situated along the Li River the hills, ever-green phoenix-tail bamboo, clear water, famers working and fishermen's bamboo rafts will make for one of the most beautiful pictures. You will find the Yangti scenery on the back of the curren 20 yuan note. From Yangti on down through the river you will see the immortal Pushing Mill, the Horses Painting Cliff and the Yellow Cloth River Beach in Xing Ping. From Yangti to Xing Ping is also one of the most popular hiking roads. Back to Top

Xing Ping 兴坪 : Lotus Flowers Cave 莲花岩 - Cormorants Fishing 兴坪渔火

Located by the Li River, Xing Ping is well known for its beautiful scenery, farming and fishing. With the hills around the old town and the clear water by the side you will experience peace and calm. There is a small fishing village close to Xing Ping where the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, visited with his wife and daughter in 1997. Back to Top

Lotus Flowers Cave 莲花岩

The Lotus Flowers Cave is located east of Baishan Village in Xing Ping. The cave has many stalactites and stalagmites. It was counted to be 108 stalactite basins in the cave and their shapes are exactly like the shap of lotus flowers. It takes about 1 hour to enjoy everything this cave has to offer. Back to Top

Cormorants Fishing 兴坪渔火

Every night when it's fishing time, the fisherman stand on small bamboo rafts, with their special fishing light bulbs, and sail on the Li River with a group of cormorants. The fisherman use the cormorants in their fishing. As the birds catch the fish, the fishermen will quickly remove the fish from their throats to their fishing basket. This is the ancient way of fishing men making a life. You can also view cormorant fishing in parts of Yangshuo and Fuli. Back to Top

Stone City Village 石头城

Stone City Village lies in the middle of MeiLin mountain area in Putao. In the village every house is built by stone pieces (even the pig pen). The whole village is built and leans on the mountains. Surrounding the village, they used stones to make a long great wall with four acient big stone gates to protect the village. There is one gate at the village’s east, south, west and north side, and it has 24 small gates along the stone walls as well. The entire village could be made into a museum. Back to Top


Fuli is known all through China for its beautiful painted fans and umbrellas. The bones of the umbrella are made from the strong bamboo and the cover is made from bamboo paper. The artists create excellant hand made paintings on them. You are able to see and watch where they craft these wonderful pieces of art. The prices are not very high and the authentic souvenir is well worth the visit. You will also enjoy the wonderful wood and bamboo carvings, stone producs and Chinese calligraphy painting. The detail and emotions each piece bring out make this little village the place to go to get all your China souvenirs. Back to Top


Puyi is a small town located southwest of Yangshuo. It is a great route for a long distance bike lover. You can cycle along the Li River through the villages of Mushan, Doutou, Li Jia, Liugong and Da Bu Tou before you get to Puyi. The villages are located by the water and were considered the wealth villages in the old time. In the Fuderism time the Li River was the main transportation and the main income was the land harvest. You can still see many Ming and Qing dynasty buildings. Back to Top

The Meeting Dragon River 遇龙河

The Meeting Dragon River is also called the “Mini Li River”. The river’s source is the GuLi River in LinGui County. It flows through the towns of Jingbao, PuTao, Yangshuo and Gaotian, then it joins with the Jinbao River at Tiang Jia Village. The beautiful landscape is possible to see on foot, by bike or with a bamboo raft for a relaxing cruise. Two main spots along the river are Eight Immortals Crossing the Ocean and Five Fingers hill. Back to Top

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